Getting your Swiss on: the Digital Festival in Zurich

Digital Festival Zurich

Getting your Swiss on: the Digital Festival in Zurich

I went to Zurich once to visit my best friend, who is doing a PhD at the ETH there. It was beautiful, extremely far away by train and so expensive that my northern German town seemed like heaven to my wallet by comparison. But the Digital Festival, which is happening mid-September in the city, might convince me of heading back to Switzerland for a few days of interesting keynotes and discussions, as well as the fact that Hack Zürich is happening simultaneously. So what’s not to like? You can kill two digital birds with one stone!

Questions around the event are:

  • Can successful innovation be planned?
  • Do brands have to become publishers?
  • What can humans still do better than robots?

Here are the details:

  • 15 to 18 September in Zurich
  • The focus will be on the challenges and opportunities for the Swiss economy
  • 12 KEYNOTES: Relevant speakers and content that focuses on Switzerland without losing sight of the bigger picture.
  • 12 LABS: Digital leaders up close and personal. Expand your knowledge and discuss topics in small groups.
  • 10+ SESSIONS: Not a regular conference – this is a festival! They want offer hands-on technology for the attendees to try, yoga for nerds, and even evening barbecues instead of programming sessions.
  • HACKZURICH: The largest hackathon in Europe. New digital solutions designed in just 40 hours, with a jury giving awards to the most innovative approaches.
  • Among the first confirmed keynote speakers are Alain Chuard (co-founder of Wildfire), Philip Inghelbrecht (co-founder of Shazam) and Renaud Visage (co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite).
  • Ninety-minute labs will be offered by SIX, KPMG and DIE POST, among others.

Further information on programme contents, topics and news can be found at as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. In addition, follow the hashtag #DiFe16 prior to the event for a discussion of questions on the digital future.