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Artificial Intelligence Events

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has had a stride in recent years finding use in consumer and business applications creating machines with an almost human-like intelligence and ability to learn from experience.

Artificial Intelligence might have scared some of us in the past but the possibilities coming with it are sheer endless. There is yet so much to learn about this field of computer science and where it can be applied. Chess-playing Computers are old news but self-driving cars now rely heavily on deep learning which is a major part of Artificial Intelligence.

Almost every Industry has a use for Artificial Intelligence, think about question answering systems in medical or legal matters. Health applications which run with an AI system can, for example, serve as a personal health care assistant. Artificial Intelligence in retail is also so common to us that we don’t even notice it anymore. The AI of online shopping retailers already offers a personalized recommendation and discusses purchase options with the users. Even in Sports, AI finds a use. Machines capture images of a game live and provide referees and coaches with useful information regarding possible penalties or organizing the game and strategy of the teams.

Certainly, Artificial Intelligence is useful to many people in many different industries. No wonder everyone wants to hop on the AI-Train!

AI in the startup world

Many startups take advantage of artificial intelligence. For example, eyeem, which uses an intelligent evaluation program to determine the value of an image. Or think of the possibilities arising from intelligent software as a virtual team member. This can be used in customer service, and could even take over recurring communication tasks independently.

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Man as a Machine

Artificial intelligence means to program a computer in such a way as to replicate human thought processes and, ideally, accelerate and optimize them. Artificial intelligence has the ability, like humans, to learn and develop without man intervention. This is an unsettling idea for some experts. Even Alibaba founder Jack Ma is of the opinion, future scenarios in which intelligent robots unite against humanity, for not so unrealistic!

“The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organisations, the actual solutions that are transforming business productivity. The quality of our programme is unrivalled – you will hear exclusive, inspirational presentations from acclaimed C-suite speakers representing the world’s leading enterprises. They share a platform that highlights both AI business strategy and technical know-how in a comprehensive agenda that goes beyond the mundane and into deep, actionable insights.” – Read more

“The AI Conference & Exhibition is a showcase of next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI in driving forward your business in 2018 and beyond. The high-level conference will bring together forward thinking brands, market leaders, AI evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the impacts within the Enterprise & Consumer sectors.  Topics covered include Business Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI Algorithms, Data & Analytics, Virtual Assistants & Chatbots as well as case study based presentations proving an insight into the deployment of AI across different verticals.” – Read more

“Rise of AI selected amazing speakers from Universities, Think-Tanks, Companies, Investors and Politics. Each speaker is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and will share his knowledge at our AI Future Stage. Understand the difference between Narrow Artificial Intelligence, Strong AI and AGI. Think about the ethical and legal consequences of the increasing use of AI. Image the world after capital.” – Read more

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