WeAreDevelopers – connecting developers with awesome employers

Behind every amazing tech innovation today are developers – these unique creatures that are able to turn coffee into software, using code as their primary instrument. Since 2015, once a year, the global community meets at WeAreDevelopers, an event dubbed by many as the “Woodstock of Developers”. We are happy to kick off Startup Calendar´s new #BehindTheScenes section with a q&a with the managing director and co-founder of WeAreDevelopers World Congress, Benjamin Ruschin!

Briefly describe WeAreDevelopers. Who is your target group?

WeAreDevelopers connects developers with awesome employers. We have developed a career platform that helps developers find their dream job and puts them in the driver seat. WeAreDevelopers also makes it possible for more than 8.000 developers to connect at the annual WeAreDevelopers World Congress. Founded in April 2017, we have grown rapidly with offices in Berlin, Vienna, Sarajevo and now have a team of 60. Our brand is well-established among developers throughout the DACH region, and we are providing value through the synergies between our platform and the annual conference. Our next step is to become the largest developer career platform in Europe.

How does WeAreDevelopers differ from other events in Europe and Worldwide?

We focus solely on our main customers: developers. We listen closely to what they want and provide them with the latest knowledge in their areas of interest. The world’s tech rockstars connect at our annual congress. The difference between us and other events is that our clients are interested in how the technology works, not what the end product looks like.

Why did you choose Vienna as a location?

We started out in Vienna because this is where the founders are based. Moreover, the startup scene is developing rapidly and seed funding and grants are accessible. “Must haves” for a WeAreDevelopers World Congress Location are; the figures (in terms of how many developers are present), where the corporates have their technology centers, and whether the important public sector decision-makers have the right mindset for tech.

What can you say about the development of the tech and startup scene in Vienna and Austria?

What we lack in Vienna is capital for Series A fundraising. The Austrian market is very small, but since startups focus on internationalizing, this is not a main issue. The geographic proximity to CEE for motivated talents and to the Central European countries is also an asset. Successful tech startups from Vienna are on the rise, incl. Stream Unlimited, iTranslate, MySugr, Shpock and many more!

How relevant can it be for Startups to attend Tech Events?

Very relevant. Go in big, that’s my tip. Being there live, and talking to real people works better than any online campaign if you’re selling a b2b technology!

Which event you attended within the last 12 months really struck your attention and inspired you?

DLD Conference in Munich is great because they get amazing people there, and everyone is accessible. Excellent for networking on a high level.

And lastly, what do you think is the future of Tech events in Europe?

I think tech events in Europe should focus more on transfer knowledge, not just entertainment.