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The format 12min.me is back in Köln!

The thematic focus of this installment is Start-ups and Growth.

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This time we talk about startups and growth. Fact is: not everything that grows, thrives.

And yet one has the feeling that the German start-up scene is all about rapid scalability, breathtaking sales figures and the next big round of financing – but less about a truly sustainable business. Are VC’s founders too under pressure to achieve their sales goals? Do founders prefer the money of their investors to grow slowly and less spectacularly, but to break even sooner? And does not threaten the danger that the just-so highly praised squirrel quickly run out of steam and plump them from the start-up sky?

From their wealth of experience and different perspectives, our three speakers discuss the topic.

Meike Neitz makes the start and at the same time introduces herself as the new co-organizer of the 12min.me series in Cologne: in the future she will take over the organization and presentation of the event together with Oli. Reason enough to once again tidy them with questions


Hello & welcome to 12min.me Kölle!

Finally, there is the talk format born in Hamburg also in our spectacular cathedral city, and then also in the Wertheim am Ring, moderated by Wertheim’s Oli.

Every 4-6 weeks, experts and young professionals give talks on a specific topic of their choice in coordination with the 12min.me team.

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1) Meike Neitz, Founder “Die Zukunftsmanufaktur”

Served Vural Öger “The Cave of the Lions” for two years and then became self-employed in communication and strategy consulting. She supports both “mature” and young companies in the field of Business Development and PR.
She says: often start-ups overestimate their potential “hockey stick” – but even the media world has their share in the hype …



2) Santosh Satschdeva & Frank Heck, Founder “MySchleppApp”

Give up everything to start your business two years ago – a mobile towing service that has taken on no one less than the ADAC. In September 2017, the two appeared in the show The Cave of the Lions and could secure an investment by Carsten Maschmeyer. But: how did it continue afterward?



3) Yunus Uyargil, CEO “heartbeat”

Heartbeat has developed a software for hospitals and is considered one of the flagship start-ups in Cologne: Just last December, it collected from investors such as Holzbrinck Ventures 3 million euros. What does it look like behind the scenes? Are ambitious growth targets set by the lenders or are they based on sustainability?
That more tells us Yunus in his 12 minutes!


Team 12min.me and the Wertheimer team are looking forward to seeing you!

PS. Of course the entrance is free! Please bring only active interest, your smartphone-free attention and many interesting questions

“Twelve Minutes Me” 12 minutes, and not an extra second.

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on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/12minme

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