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3. she-preneur Summit | September 6 – 15 | Online

The she-preneur Summit is an online business event for self-employed women who want to successfully position themselves in the market with their expertise. The summit will take place for the third time from 6 to 15 September 2019. In 2018 almost 4,000 women took part in the she-preneur Summit.

39 experts will share their expertise in live sessions and give insights and tips that they have gained from their own experience building their businesses. The experts come from very different industries (e.g. leadership, productivity, idea generation, marketing, technology, mindset, strategy, finance and business models). Some do their work offline; others have a complete online business and work from anywhere in the world. Some have only recently started; others have been self-employed for many years. Many are completely self-employed, others set up their own business on a part-time basis. The topics and workshops of the she-preneur Summit are as diverse as the experts themselves.

Among the speakers are top experts who are already well known in the online business environment, for example Facebook expert Katrin Hill, podcast expert Gordon Schönwälder, Facebook ads expert Rei Baumeister, PR expert Marike Frick and many more. All other experts have one thing in common: they are members of the she-preneur insider club. In this virtual business and coworking community, founded by business strategist and mentor Tanja Lenke, self-employed women and female founders exchange information about their businesses on a daily basis, support each other and get feedback and support on their way to professional independence.

The highlights in brief: 

– 39 Live Workshops and Talks, which are packed full of valuable Tipps, which the participants can put into practice right after the event.

– The she-preneur Summit is not a sales campaign, the experts do not pitch. It’s all about content and added value.

– It is not a highly polished event, but an authentic event with a mix of women and men who have just started or have been self-employed for over 20 years.

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