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The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) in Berlin will host the 3rd BMVI Data-Run on 02. and 03. March 2018. The BMVI invites you to promote innovative mobility solutions based on data from the business area of ​​the BMVI in combination with municipal data for 24 hours. Christian Schmidt MdB, Managing Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, opens the event.

The guiding theme of the 3rd BMVI Data-Run is the “Development of intelligent low emission mobility solutions in cities”. This year’s BMVI Data-Run picks up on the current debate on air quality in transport policy – and would like to provide fundamental input to reach a truly sustainable Mobility 4.0.

The aim of the event is to provide participants with creative solutions to reducing emissions from the transport sector in cities based on data from various sources. Of course, we also welcome creative ideas on other topics that can advance digital mobility, such as from blockchain technology or virtual reality.

The BMVI provides a wealth of data via its open-data portal mCLOUD. The cities of Berlin and Bonn – in collaboration with Open. NRW – are partners of this year’s Data Run and are also available during the event with help and advice.

Further information is available to the participants via the Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM). Data from the MDM are also made available for the 3rd BMVI Data-Run in JSON format. Coding has no creativity limits.

Both active-coding participants and interested viewers are invited. With the 3rd BMVI Data-Run the BMVI wants to motivate all those interested to develop creative solutions together. You can therefore participate as a private person, as a freelance programmer, as a founder or as a company employee.

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