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We learnt from Steve Blank that Startup = Growth but growth is always hard to handle. You need a lot of cash to survive and if you don’t find it, it could end as fast as you grow.

Entrepreneurship is about courage and you need a lot of it to make the right decision while you’re growing. ?

HotelTonight is the world’s first made-for-mobile hotel booking app and Jared Simon, their COO and Cofounder, is coming from San Francisco to tell us how they managed to both grow and become profitable in 7 months.

In 2015, HotelTonight decided to focus on profitability. They reassessed all their expenses and made a lot of hard choices, including cutting 20% of their staff. A few months later, HotelTonight became profitable and closed a $37M series E round led by Accel Partners. With rumours of an IPO later this year, we’re excited to learn from what could become the next billion $ company. ⚡️

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