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Teaching bots to make music | April 30 | Berlin

The reach of AI and machine-learning seems to expand by the minute. Can AI create art? Music? Do either count as such?

Much is made of how AI and machine learning will revolutionize the ways we learn. The potential is certainly enormous, and we’ve only scratched the surface. When it comes to language-learning, a number of critical questions loom on the horizon. Is the optimal framing one of machines replacing conventional learning methods, or one of amplifying human capacities? How does a data-driven mechanism lend itself to something as qualitative as language? And as we confront the unsettling ways AI can automate and accelerate biases around race, gender, and other differences — what can the language-learning journey teach us about humility and empathy, and what might that bring to bear on how machine learning evolves?

Berlin, the city of music and culture, is pleased to welcome bot music overlords, CJ Carr and Oswald Berthold. Come and join us as we explore the edges between AI and human creativity.

Turing-test competition winner CJ is visiting from the US where he has been training neural networks to compose very human sounding music. Read his NIPS 2017 paper on Generating Black Metal and Math Rock: Beyond Bach, Beethoven, and Beatles. He is a regular hackathon winner, with boundless enthusiasm for the intersect between bots, and human creativity

Berlin based Oswald hovers between academia and robotics, finishing his PhD while at the same time building technologies that generate sound, technology, media and art.

Babbel is really pleased to host CJ and Oswald, and to invite the Berlin tech community to join us for an early evening journey into the world of AI, Music, Language and Creativity. Expect 2 hours of food, conversation, presentations and meeting fellow tinkerers over a beer.


CJ Carr is a creativity hacker, oneironaut, traceur, throatboxer, cs grad, and information age existentialist who wins hackathons for a living. He perceives every moment of life as art. CJ’s mad science scheme is to shrink the time/effort between ideas and creative output to nil (muahaha) because lack of inspiration is a public health issue. There’s no reason everyone can’t be inspired all the time in flow state of peak experience — it’s just a matter of efficiency.

Oswald Berthold has spent last 15 years doing CS studies at Humboldt University with a diploma from 2012 and a PhD in 2019, focussing on AI and robotics, all things learning, adapting, and self-organising, leaning heavily into biologically inspired approaches and algorithms from neuroscience, developmental psychology, evolutionary biology.

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