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AI Ready or NOT – How ready is the industry for AI startups? | September 4 | Berlin

There is a broad range of AI technology available for the industry and more sophisticated solutions are to come out of the startup world – but is the industry prepared?

The gap between the vision of AI and daily execution is large at most corporates, with only a small share of companies having incorporated AI into their processes, and even fewer have extensively incorporated AI into their offerings.

Can AI startups begin to make a change? And if so, what are the problems that could arise and what do we have to look out for?

Change is happening. But when, how and to which extent? If we ignore it, will we become obsolete? Or embrace it and remain relevant…

These amazing panelist will reveal the truth about Status Quo AI:

· Alexa Gorman, SVP, SAP.iO Fund & Foundry at SAP

Alexa is Senior Vice President of the SAP.iO Fund & Foundry and responsible for early-stage startup investments as well as acceleration and incubation. In this role, Alexa leads the Berlin and Paris SAP.iO Foundries, that are a global network of accelerators providing deep, programmatic mentorships to startups as well as access to SAP customers. The Berlin Foundry has a strong focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The SAP.iO Fund invests in early-stage startups that can leverage SAP APIs, data sets, business content and/or platform technologies. Alexa has 19+ years of experience in business development and strategy in the tech industry.

· Gerald Bieber, Fraunhofer

Dr.-Ing. Gerald Bieber is working on the development of mobile, personal assistance systems for recording and analysing physical activity as well as sleep (actigraphy) and vital data. He is a member of the German Chapter of the ACM and has already won several prizes at innovation, patent and business plan competitions. Mr. Bieber and his team have already won first prize in the innovation competition of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, first prize in the ideas competition of the Rostock research area and the special prize of the health industry inspired MV.

· Charles Ahmadzadeh, Bunch.ai

Charles is a software generalist with experience in many different technical areas. His goal is to help businesses define their vision and execute it through efficient use of technology.

· Ran Oren, SourcingBot

Ran holds a BSC in computer science and an MBA in business. He has been working for 12 years in enterprise software around automation and data analytics and was a professional services consultant at HP, RSA, where he managed strategic accounts. Recently, he managed data analytics related products for major banks worldwide.
After his 2 failed startup attempts, he founded Sourcingbot with college friend Eran Keren, which is now seed funded.

· Michael Hoegemann, Magaloop

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