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Angel Island 2018 | September 26  Amsterdam

Angel Island is the unconference disrupting the way entrepreneurs, investors, and their surrounding ecosystems come together.

On SEPTEMBER 26, 2018, the fleet of ships will set sail to the fortified Pampus Island, just outside of Amsterdam, bringing on board curated entrepreneurs and their hand-picked dream guests, including investors, influencers, mentors & clients.

We believe in the entrepreneurs that have the passion and determination, but still need the resources to make a dent in the universe. We also believe that it takes an entire ecosystem to bring up the next Spotifys and Adyens of Europe, especially when the size of the network directly affects the success of these companies.

In the first edition, we brought them face to face with the angel investors that could fund their ventures. In the second year, we brought them together with the European network of influencers that could grow their scope.

This year, we will bring a fully customized experience with the purpose of sparkling collaborations amongst the most influential minds. And this year we’re centering around the following themes:
Deep learning |AI |Automation | Edge Computing |Human Augmentation |Fintech | Blockchain |Intelligent IoT | Cyber | Biotech.

To come aboard on September 26, 2018, participants are requested to ask for an invitation. Only the brave and the daring with no-limits mentality will be let through the heavy curation process.

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