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Heard of Twilio? It’s the $2.4B cloud communications company behind 2016’s hottest IPO. ?

You use it everyday without knowing it. The text message saying your Uber arrived? Twilio sent it. When you lose your Netflix password? They have you covered. ?

Considered as one of the most innovative & developer-friendly company out there today, if there’s something they got right it’s the product!

This talk will cover API design and principles. It will explain how to identify a good opportunity for an API, how to write a well defined API spec and how to gather user feedback and iterate on APIs. ?

Before quitting his job to travel, Andrew Jordan was a Product Manager and early employee at Twilio, a now 1000-person cloud communications company. He spent the last five years designing, building, and selling APIs. The last product he shipped at Twilio was a speech recognition API for the company’s voice product. ? Once he’s done traveling, he plans to look into new ideas around speech processing and insurance.

This event is free & totally open. ?