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Artificial Intelligence in HR #1 | August 14 | Berlin

According to a multidue of economists, the fourth revolution is upon us and technology is imposing many questions regarding the workforce. As innovation accelerates, the people function is confronted with challenges, yet it has the ability to embrace change. In fact, AI, used correctly, can lead to major advantages if utilised to its full potential.

To kickstart this series we will have 3 talks by HR experts and innovators showcasing how to exactly exploit advantages. This event is targeted at progressive HR, leaders and employees, plus there will be networking on the rooftop at the end.

Doors open at 6:00pm

Start at 6:30pm

“Intro & sneak peak into how OrgOS will positively impact the employee experience by using AI/Machine Learning” by David Padilla & Max Bauermeister, Co-Founders of OrgOS

“Helping employees overcome their day-to-day challenges to build a happier working life via a digital coach” by Amandine Faye, Co-Founder of ELLISTRA

ELLISTRA continuously develops employees’ softs skills to help them unleash their potential, thanks to:

  • An intuitive Chatbot that offers a personalised coaching experience 24/7
  • More than 500 concrete tactics based on neuroscience to build new habits
  • An engaging monitoring system
  • A delightful design that provides a unique user experience

After a few months of coaching, employees are more productive, more resilient and more creative. They communicate in a more efficient way and become better team players.

“How chatbots free up recruiters’ time & improve recruiting” by Luc Dudler, Founder & CEO of Jobpal

Any automation project takes resources — automating language is no different. Luc will speak about the implication chatbots have on recruitment and how it helped companies and how they react to the organisational change.

Q&A Audience & Networking

**You’re invited to stick around afterwards for some networking, snacks, beers and table tennis on the WeWork Potsdamer Platz Rooftop



OrgOS is an innovative organisational operating system providing Management and HR with the necessary hr tools to empower employees and leaders of tomorrow. We allow you to recruit, retain and engage your workforce via one seamless platform, fostering employee-centricity and offering you the ability to scale sustainably. Founded in 2017, OrgOS has clients operating in 5+ countries.

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