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How artificial intelligence will transform the world, April 11, Bielefeld

Currently, Alexa and Siri are just, where the Internet was in the 90´s. Wanna see the future? Then come to our next edition of “Founders Talks“ in Bielefeld. Dr. Philipp Cimiano ist the head of the Semantic Database Group at the University of Bielefeld and expert for artificial intelligence far beyond the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Challenge our guest with your questions about artificial intelligence.

Philipp has an extra special knowledge about how machines are handling language on an intelligent basis and how they use the gained insights for creating a dynamic and natural conversation with humans. Mindblowing? We think so, too.

Artificial intelligence can transform complex tasks into agile and flexible processes. The cool thing about it: The algorithms and programs, that are created within the process, can be multiplied on other applications. The amount of possible business models is huge.

But also a skepical attitude towards AI is understandable. Get to know more about the risks and how to handle them, at our event.

One thing is for sure – After the Founders Talk, Artificial intelligence won´t be a blackbox for you anymore.