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Babbel Perspectives, May 3, Berlin

Babbel: Perspectives aims to bring Babbel’s spirit of dialogue and inquiry into controversial topics out into the open. This event will put Prof. Bryce Huebner (a cognitive scientist and Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Georgetown University) and African Studies scholar Josephine Apraku (co-founder of Institut für diskriminierungsfreie Bildung, active in removing the names of German colonialists from streets in Wedding’s African Quarter) into conversation. Together they will explore how our attention is conditioned around white space, from visual interfaces like UX, to our lived geography here in Berlin. Babbel VP of Product/UX Scott Weiss will facilitate discussion with the two presenters, bringing his own design expertise to bear on how attention is socialized and its implications for a racialized world. Drinks and light snacks will be provided. 

Please sign up for the event on the website.