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Blockchain Masters | December 11 | Cologne

The number of blockchain applications in actual operation is increasing. However, the sustained hype is still making many people – including many experts – uneasy. What will the bank of the future look like, when people directly exchange payments via a blockchain? How will it be when media can take it for granted that copyright will not be infringed, passports can no longer be forged, or platformless e-commerce transactions can take place directly between buyer and seller?

Be it e-commerce or identity management – the potential is enormous. And now, really cutting to the chase: Not only will blockchain replace analog applications and services, but also the newly created and emerging platform businesses. Is this a vision, or does it already represent reality?

We look forward to welcoming you to Blockchain Masters 2018, where, as well as looking into business possibilities, we also want to examine the framework conditions and the rapidly changing technologies, as well as trust and security. You can also expect insight into selected use cases, and last but not least, more than 25 start-ups will be presenting their approaches. 

The program and registration can be found at www.blockchain-masters.com.

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