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Blooms Masterclass: How To Build Up Your Own Resilience And Grit, March 29, London

Blooms Masterclass is a series of events that provide continuous learning opportunities to help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

Topic of the Week:
How To Build Up Your Own Resilience And Grit

Alex Mecklenburg has spent the majority of her professional life navigating disruption and facilitating change. Having seen how easily change-makers can loose their passion and perseverance with real life chipping at their dreams every single day, she now helps people to create the right foundations to stay creative, emotionally adaptable, resilient and true to themselves – whatever life throws at them.

During this session Alex will explore the following topics:

1. How do I reflect forward?

Reflection has become a buzzword in the world of mindfulness. How do I ensure that reflection will help me not only drive actions but perseverance.

2. How to stay emotionally agile?

Living a positive life is not about ignoring difficult emotions and thoughts; it’s about acknowledging them and then let them go and move on.

3. Standing firm

Before we try to control events, we have to control ourselves first. The importance of coming to terms with yourself.

4. Break your own bubble.

We don’t listen to what people are saying. We listen to what we are hearing. And we do the same with ourselves. Alex will show examples of how we can better listen to ourselves and challenge ourselves.