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Blooms Masterclass: Influence And Negotiation For Entrepreneurs | July 4 | London

Entrepreneurship often requires us to negotiate complex, thoughtful deals with investors, partners and customers that create maximum value. Adopting a negotiation frameworkallows us to internalize best practices for negotiation preparation, conduct, and review, enabling continuous improvement in our skills, and in turn, in our agreements with internal and external partners. Most importantly a negotiation skillset allows us to create significant and tangible value with suppliers, employees, investors, clients, and partners.

Focus of this course:

  • § Recognize common negotiation dynamics and embedded assumptions that hold us back from creating value
  • § Understand the notion of value as a “fixed pie”, and the tendency to compete versus collaborate in a negotiation. Overcoming this expands our capacity to gain maximum value.
  • § Define success, prepare, conduct, and review negotiations in a more powerful way enabling improved business results
  • § Develop awareness of the common pitfalls many women face in conducting negotiations

Skye Lawrence

Skye is a consultant, facilitator, and academic in the field of negotiation and strategic partnerships. She taught negotiation at business and public policy schools in Boston, and in the private sector across a range of industries. She is particularly enthusiastic to work with globally-minded entrepreneurs and leaders to help them achieve their goals through developing authentic, prosperous and impactful relationships.

Skye developed the Great Women Negotiation Initiative at Harvard Business School and is currently the Strategic Partnership Lead at the Department for Public Policy at University College London. She is a certified mediator from Mediation Works Incorporated in Boston. She is an avid salsa dancer who is inspired by the role that dance, music and art play as transformative catalysts in our relationships with others and ourselves.