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Bootstrapping your Startup like a Boss w/ Signavio & Opinary, March 28, Berlin

Welcome to our 1st talk in our Bootstrapping series!
As a founder, chances are you’re starting with very little. It can be tempting to chase funding as early as you can. But in truth, lack of money makes you creative, resilient, and free. Whether it’s by choice or necessity, growing by your own means is the ultimate reward. Not to mention, it’s the best leverage when you decide to raise. So join us to hear how it’s done from these bold entrepreneurs 😉

“How to scale to 100 people without funding (and to 250 with funding)” by Gero Decker, Co-Founder of Signavio

Gero Decker is co-founder and CEO of Signavio, a Berlin-headquartered SaaS company specialized in Business Process Management. He created the company straight out of university, grew it for the first 6.5 years in bootstrapping mode and the last 2 with significant funding from US investors. Signavio currently has 230 employees and 8 offices across the globe.

Gero will share his incredible story and some of the decisions he had to make along the way, such as when to continue and when to quit. He’ll discuss how to reach profitability and the fine balance between product and sales.

“How Opinary grew from a side-project to 70 million users” by Cornelius Frey, Co-Founder of Opinary

Opinary started from a deep frustration: the difficultly to gauge public opinions on current issues online. So Cornelius Frey and his co-founders built embedded tools for publishers to measure just that. It was a hit and they started making revenues from an early point. Today, Opinary is used by millions of users in the newsrooms of +60 publishers in Germany, UK, and the US. Starting in 2013 as a bootstrapped side-project, the startup just closed a €3M series A.

Cornelius will explain how bootstrapping allowed him to build a project out of passion, giving him the freedom to make the mistakes & choices he did. He’ll share why and how you can achieve financial independence in your startup, and when to decide to raise (if at all).

This event is free & open to all <3