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How To Build Intelligent User Analytics, April 30, Berlin

Data. Data. Data.

How should we be tracking our users to be getting the right data? And once we get it what should we be doing with it?

Understanding every movement your users make in your website or app is crucial to draw conclusions for marketing, product development and business decisions. Capturing and analysing these data points, and combining them with other data sources, allows you to gain maximum insight on your users.

Le Wagon is lucky to have Marco Szeidenleder, Managing Partner at Pandata, to come in and explain the fundamentals of data intelligence. He holds degrees in Applied Computer Sciences and European Business from French ESCP Europe Business School with previous experience implemeting Digital Analytics at a Rocket Internet venture.

With this hands-on talk, Marco will show what’s possible with User Analytics tools and technologies and will give you an idea on how to get started.


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