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Building Token Curated Registries on BigchainDB | September 5 | Berlin

Token Curated Registries have the potential to motivate people to participate in community-driven decision-making processes. BigchainDB provides a much better compatibility for TCRs because of it’s support for simple JSON schema for assets. The workshop will cover the following topics (in order):

1. TCR concepts
2. Application development concepts on BigchainDB
3. Building a TCR on BigchainDB
4. TCR use-cases and solution approaches
5. Best practices for BigchainDB application development (through a sample TCR app)

This workshop will be lead by Gautam Dhameja.

Speaker Bio: Gautam heads Consulting Services at BigchainDB. He is a co-author of “Beginning Blockchain” book and also the co-creator of the RBAC (Role-based Access Control) framework for BigchainDB assets. For most of this decade, he has been developing and delivering enterprise software including Web & Mobile apps, Cloud-based hyper-scale IoT solutions, and more recently, Blockchain-based decentralized applications (dApps). He possesses a deep understanding of the decentralized stack, cloud solutions architecture and systems design.

**Space is limited. If you RSVP, please make sure to attend. Otherwise, leave the spot open for another hopeful attendee :)**

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