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When you’re starting out, no one knows you. ? Yet you have to convince your customers, employees, investors to believe in you. Everyone’s expecting you to step up, or fail!

So how do you build trust? ✨

Meet an entrepreneur who’s cracked this problem in one of the toughest industry to start with: Health. ?

Dr. Sophie Chung is the CEO and founder of Qunomedical, a digital health platform that is providing patients worldwide access to high-quality affordable healthcare.

In this talk, she shares the story and the mindset it required her to grow her startup from 0 to +4,000 patients per month across 25 countries.

The secret to their early success?
Customer CARE. It’s that simple. ?

?? From day 1, her approach was to move slow to move fast! When you’re small, you can afford to be true to your mission every step of the way. Qunomedical limited their offer to ensure they were providing the highest quality possible.

See you there? ?