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CityLAB Berlin – Exhibiton | September 18 – 30 | Berlin

The CityLAB is an open space where government, civil society, academia and the private sector can come together to work on digital projects focused on shaping Berlin’s future. The exhibition here offers a glimpse at the various forms that the digitalization of a city can take; it also offers a first impression of the kind of work we do here. The lines between exhibition and project-based work are fluid in the CityLAB: many of the exhibits you see here are being actively applied and put to use in the context of projects and intensive workshops. Some of the exhibits are:


Accessibility in the digital city

For those with disabilities, the digitalization of cities can sometimes lead to new challenges. But, if thoughtfully implemented, digitalization can also help break down existing barriers. In a series of co-creation workshops, Berlin’s FabLab has been working with people with disabilities to create prototypes that aim to improve everyday life for such individuals. Wherever possible, these prototypes emphasize the use of affordable materials and open source technologies.


Touching Data

Berlin has had an open data strategy since 2012 and has continuously been making government data freely available for reuse. The project “Open Data Informationsstelle” (ODIS), funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises, offers support to government bodies in Berlin with the practical implementation of open data.


Visions of an algorithmic city

How might an artificial intelligence imagine the city of the future? This “pen plotter”, developed here in the CityLAB, uses a learning algorithm to sketch a new city plan every day. The algorithm is fed a basis of data consisting of the layouts of various existing cities. The AI then uses various techniques to interpret, reconfigure and process the data. The source code for the plotter is open source and is free to be changed, adapted and developed further.


We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition and get more information about the city of the future!

Where? Platz der Luftbrücke 4, 12101 Berlin

When?  Wednesday-Friday from 10 to 17

Website: https://www.citylab-berlin.org/

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