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Collaborative Creation: Innovative teamwork, positive attitude & creativity with Tziporela and GTEC, April 17, Berlin

A remarkable and entertaining session with the Theatrical Ensemble “Tziporela”.

The group is coming for a short tour in Berlin, to perform their international show “Odd Birdz”. The ensemble is defined as “theatrical startup” due to their outstanding achievements.

During the session, the Tziporela group will give us a taste of their critically acclaimed Odd Birdz show while they introduce their exceptional work method and show us how to enhance teamwork productivity and creativity during the startup working environment.

The Tziporela group have developed a work method called “collaborative creation” that focuses on three main elements: innovative teamwork, positive attitude and creativity. This method is taught in international accelerators, hubs and start-ups.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable evening of fun and collaborative creation at GTEC!

Tziporela was founded in 2005 by nine professional actors who graduated together from theater school. Over the years, they have established an independent theater which offers a new theatrical experience. The nine members decided to differentiate themselves from the conventional theater by becoming the managers, directors, producers and choreographers… of their own theater.

The Odd Birdz Show was performed in Israel, Milan, Melbourne and New York City. It combines various theatrical skits of a diverse number of genres such as: stand-up, Nonsense, Slapstick, acrobatic, dance, music, drama and more.

The Odd Birdz show will take place on the 18th, 19th and 22nd of April in the Admiralspalast, Berlin.

As part of their collaboration with GTEC, they are providing a special offer for the GTEC community: A 10% discount off the original ticket price for the seating areas in level 1 and level 2. To purchase a ticket please click on the link The Tziporela site and the discount code is: Freund