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For the upcoming LSM event, we have a special guest: Sheila Mitham.
She has worked in the B2B industry for over 20 years, ultimately gaining experience in B2B marketing, branding, consumer behaviour and PPC campaigns.

As a founder of InTrigger, she takes pride in achieving major brand campaign takeover, decreasing CPA by 83% with new strategies introduced by her agency, increasing ROAS by tracking ad spend by revenue and improving ROI for a large retailer by 23%.

Currently, she started an inbound marketing team of tech savvy guru’s to launch Inbound FinTech. A specialist PPC, SEO & Inbound Agency for the FinTech sector.
Her qualifications: Maters Degree Marketing. Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, Google Specialist in Advanced Search Campaigns. Certified in: Google Shopping, Advanced Search, Advanced Display, Re-marketing, Video, Mobile Marketing and Google Analytics.
The Presentation:
You will receive an insightful and statistical real-time overview of modern day marketing and how ‘Content’ and ‘Inbound’ are the driving force for savvy companies.
This talk will cover:
– Today´s trends in the marketplace.
– What is Inbound and how does it work
– Changing consumer behaviour
– How and where to position yourselves to attract the ‘right’ customer at the ‘right’ point in their buyers journey
– Inbound Vs Outbound
– What channels must you include as a start-up
– Balancing your budget and getting qualified leads and ROAS (return on ad spend)
Hope to see you there,
Giorgia & TomH