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Without a doubt…

Content Marketing is LSM’s hottest topic.

Over the many, many events (27 to be precise) from the past 4 years, we ALWAYS have people asking questions/requesting speakers about content.

And yes… over the past 4 years we have brought you some big players from the world of content, but none like the two speakers heading your way on the 27th of March.

These two Content Elites will be covering two COMPLETELY different content techniques that will get you exposure… fast (and for almost free).


Michal Bohanes: the founder and CEO of content marketing agency Kontent360. After a three year stint at Google, he felt the need to add to the large pile of failed startups and founded recipe ingredient delivery service Dinnr which duly closed down after 18 months.

On the plus side, he wrote a very popular blog post about this adventure which got him to where he is today – helping companies of all shapes and sizes create interesting stories, build an audience, and convert that audience into paying customers. 

He will cover:

  • How to appear much bigger than you are – on paper
  • No one does any deep reading online
  • But books still get read
  • Build your audience by creating a hardcover paper book
  • It’s not difficult or expensive. The secret is in letting others to write it for you
  • We’ll cover the whole process: planning, execution, promotion, conversion

Moving on…

You’ve got a great product and it’s time to get traction. But paid advertising is expensive and, while content marketing is valuable, the fruits take time to bear. So, what do you do?
The answer: get in front of other people’s audiences. In this workshop, Tom Whatley, CEO of Grizzle, will show you how to use guest blogging to tap into a wider audience, make friends with influencers, and take PR into your own hands.
You’ll learn:
  • How to get featured in major publications and industry blogs
  • Build solid, long-term relationships with influencers
  • How to distribute your content to generate more traffic, users, and leads
  • Get interviewed on podcasts and co-host webinars
  • Build the personal brand and thought leadership of you and your team
Using this methodology, Tom has generated six-figure deals from guest blogging, built dozens of profitable influencer relationships, and generated thousands of visitors to his content. This workshop covers how to do it.

You need to be there… afterall, if you are doing great work, this is often not enough, you need to learn how to tell a large amount of people about your sh*t hot product for practically 0 marketing investment.

If you do this… you will be much more likely to succeed.

See you on the 27th…

Giorgia & Tom H