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Imagine waking up, logging into Google Analytics to a boatload of traffic with leads filling up your pipeline?
And all this without a LARGE ad budget or relying on the dodgy backlinks you bought from Fiverr?
As let’s face it…
Google is too good (You can’t cheat the algorithm)
Facebook is too expensive (For cold traffic and every business and their dog now use their ad platform)
Businesses still think they can churn out “me too” content and get traffic
Which is why LSM has brought together two pioneers in the Content and SEO space to teach you how to be “the Flower and not the Bee”.
(E.g. Have people flooding to your site to consume your content and buy your stuff, not the opposite: paying through the nose to advertise to people who don’t give a sh*t about you.)
Rich Edwards was part of the early team behind Hassle.com (acquired by Rocket Internet). He helped them grow from small London startup to international marketplace. He’s since gone on to found Repairly, on-demand technology repair. Rich has also consulted for plenty of other startups along the way, learning the art of SEO and growth marketing.
He will cover:
-SEO from scratch (Regardless of prior marketing experience)
-How to outreach to bloggers like a pro (Templates included)
-Real life case studies from the experts of tactics working RIGHT NOW (That you don’t have to be an expert to implement)
And, you may know him as a cofounder of LSM, he graces the stage for the first time in LSM history… as a speaker:
Tom Hunt is a TEDx Speaker, Dragons’ Den Failure & Internet Entrepreneur. He built and sold freelancer marketplace Virtual Valley before starting a number of software companies over the past two years. Due to bootstrapping constraints, Tom has had to formulate methods of driving large amounts of traffic to his businesses without cash to spend on ads, this formed the basis for what he now calls the Free Traffic Forever Formula.
He will cover:
-Why the question: “How do I get more traffic?” is a f*cking stupid question
-The little known psychological hack that will attract your perfect customer like a honey bee to a pretty flower
-How to use online communities to drive an avalanche of free exposure for your content
In summary…
If you are a early stage startup founder with little/no budget to spend on driving traffic…
If you are a marketing person working in any business that sells things on the internet…
If you work for a big, boring corporation and want to learn how to set up your own marketing agency to quit your dull, lifeless job…
If you are a person that likes meeting cool people whilst drinking beers or tasty soft drinks…
You need to be there… afterall, the success of your business (and your livelihood) is riding on your ability to acquire customers profitably.
All people that register for this event will be sent the slides from the last 5 LSM events:
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-How To Grow Virally AND Sustainably With Kieran (Maitre) & Rob (CharlieHR)
-Automatic Sales: Facebook Ad FastTrack With Lee Moio & Tom Hunt
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-One Stop Startup SEO Superclass With Kobe Omenaka
See you on the 8th…
Giorgia & Tom H