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Customer Development Guru – BOB DORF 1st time in Baltics | November 28 – 29 | Riga

next Wednesday – world’s top Entrepreneurship & Startup Guru – Bob Dorf comes to Baltics’ with an exclusive 2-day Masterclass.
Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Startup Guru with 7 IPOs, 24 Investment Deals and 7 Startups – Bob Dorf is coming to Baltics for the very first time, where during his visit he will give an exclusive 2-day Entrepreneurship Masterclass designed for Entrepreneurs, Investor, Leaders of Accelerators, Incubators and Educators. The goal of the Masterclass – is to demonstrate and teach the most successful methodology of “Lean Startup”, share and teach the intellectual tools, as well as provide access to various special materials (including >30 hours of lectures), all of which has been designed for creating and running successful business at different stages of development (from very early stage to late stage).
Over 40 years of experience as Entrepreneur, who has also coached over 1000 of successful startups and investors from around the globe as well as successful implementation of business methodologies into companies like: HP, ORACLE, JAGUAR, 3M, FORD, BERTELSMANN, NCR, Charles SCHWAB and others – make the Masterclass truly worthwhile attending, making it one of the most anticipated Entrepreneurial Masterclasses in Baltics’.
In order to attend the 2-day Masterclass, which is happening on 28-29 November, you have to register and buy tickets via www.EventsWorthAttending.com website.
Final seats left until sold-out!