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Data Night, April 4, Berlin

✨Join us for a Data Night with experts from GoEuro and Casper! We’ll dive in the product, the business, and the logistics side of data for you to use this resource to the fullest.

? Machine Learning the Product by Boxun Zhang, Senior Data Scientist @GoEuro, ex-Spotify

Here’s the thing about A/B testing: everyone’s using it to learn and iterate on their product fast, but in truth, traditional A/B testing techniques have their limits. ? Most often, it only offers superficial learning. Sure, the size of an effect is measured but often the cause of the effect remains unknown. In this talk, Boxun will introduce a machine learning approach for analyzing A/B test which he developed while working at Spotify. This method will help you derive a lot more understanding from A/B tests for deeper insights, and happier users! ??

Boxun Zhang is currently leading the data science team at GoEuro. Previously, he worked in data science at Spotify and SoundCloud. His work has been mainly focusing on the measurement and modeling of user behavior, machine learning, and experimentation.

? Fueling Growth with Data by Tristan Gruska, Senior Data Analyst @Casper

Tristan Gruska was part of the early team at Casper and contributed to building their data processes from the ground up. Casper went from a simple idea (delivering a magical rolled-up mattress to your door) to a $750M startup in only 4 years. The demand was such that they depleted their initial inventory on the first day of launch.

Tristan will explain the use of data as you move through from the early to fast-growing phases of a company. He’ll cover methods, tools, and automations you can put in place to constantly fine-tune your business forecasts & master your logistics. ?