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Digital Advice Live! is the annual conference for global professionals at every level who come together for a day to share thoughts on how Digital Advice will shape the customer experience of the future – Are you prepared?

Join us in London!

Through several interactive sessions in a relaxed atmosphere, leading experts, key decision makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators offer their take on effective customer engagement and talk about how you can integrate Guided Selling to create new opportunities for growth.

Get first-hand insights from experts in your industry
Receive loads of practical advice
Expand your knowledge and thinking on serving your shoppers
Learn how to implement an effective Guided Selling strategy
Hear expert advice and learn what works, and what doesn’t
Meet your industry peers and compare experiences
Connect with experts and get answers to your questions

More businesses are discovering Digital Advice as a strategy to differentiate from the competition, delight shoppers, encourage repeat business and increase customer satisfaction as well as sales.

Organizers: SMARTASSISTANT & Guided-Selling.org