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The DIGITAL ENERGY INNOVATION FORUM is aimed in particular at entrepreneurs and decision-makers from all the energy sectors concerned.

For them the objectives we’re following are:

• the urgency of transforming the energy industry by linking the sectors of electricity, heat and mobility of services and business models in the face of new and changed customer needs driven by digitization;

• provide and share experiences and learning outcomes from already advanced projects;

• open up approaches that can overcome the challenges of mastering complexity, reducing transaction costs and ease of use.

Also we welcome to the DIGITAL ENERGY INNOVATION FORUM the best start-ups from Europe and neighboring countries to apply with their latest innovation in:

• Mastery of Complexity – e.g. self-learning EMS, predictive maintenance, demand site management, resilience

• Reduction of transaction costs – e.g. digital maket, smart contracts, planning systems

• Convenience / user friendliness – e.g. system integrated platforms, assisted living

The solution should be based on the latest technologies in Simulation Technology, Sensor Technology, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Cyber Security.

Alternatively, you offer Business Models that monetize the opportunities of SECTOR COUPLING.

Applications are open until October 8th, 2017: https://def.munichnetwork.com/

Selected start-ups participate for free!