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–DRDS – Design Research & Design Strategy Conference #4, 28.September, Hamburg–

Innovation is the key to sustainable entrepreneurial success. In practice, however, innovating often proves difficult because many picture the innovation journey as a straight path from A to B – and think all they need to do is build a bridge between the two. But in reality, the process that leads from insight to innovation, from an idea to its implementation, is far from linear.

Many insights are too caught up with the current status quo, others present a virtually unmanageable abundance of potential departure points. Often, their translation into innovations is too middle of the road or not really disruptive. And from time to time, you come across successful innovations that have come about more or less by chance.

So how can this chaos of possibilities be brought under control and the innovation process managed successfully? Which tools and methods can help navigate the unpredictable waters of the innovation journey and expose the blind spots?

The DESIGN RESEARCH & DESIGN STRATEGY CONFERENCE #4 has the answers! Get inspired by best-case examples from top international speakers and take advantage of hands-on workshops during the event to learn new methods and tools covering the following topics: RIP THE BRIEF, RETHINK RESEARCH, REFINE TOOLS and REFRAME VALIDATION.

Our participants come from a wide range of different sectors and are active in areas such as innovation management, market research, design, marketing and R&D. Experience how the joint expertise of different divisions of the company can break down silos and expedite processes.

Each of the presentations is followed by a corresponding workshop. Build on the learnings you gain from the lectures in practical training sessions and take away relevant know-how for your day-to-day processes.

A get-together, coffee breaks, lunch and an after-work meetup provide plenty of opportunities to interact with like-minded participants and intensify the day’s takeout. Take the opportunity for some informal networking with the speakers, workshop leaders, initiators and other attendees.

International speakers . Insights from innovative companies . Interactive workshops . Information and networking