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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Scaling Up Ecommerce Projects?

Trying to scale the ecommerce business is challenging for most enterprises.

Even if your company is growing organically, there are still many things you need to do to keep up.
Ecommerce performance can be one of the hardest verticals to scale. Selling a product online requires a good technology for order management & logistics, big data for regular collection and analysis of data about your business’ health, your clients. Not to forget marketing – because even if people are buying your products today, you still need a solid marketing strategy. Selling online requires a strong digital presence, and efforts to
convert prospects. Every year E-Commerce Berlin Expo brings new ideas to the world of E-Commerce.

This satellite event of the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018 is aimed at shaping ecommerce solutions, marketing visions and customer journey mapping. The speakers from E-Commerce Berlin Expo will help you to refine a project roadmap, turn insights into tangible ideas. They will also reveal how to avoid the pitfalls, as most businesses face the same issues when scaling up.


17:00 – Registration and Welcome Keynote of our host – UNICORN.BERLIN

17:15 – Marketing Strategy – Title TBA
IDEALO – Agnieszka Niemeier, Head of Performance Marketing

18:00 – Infrastructure & Systems – „When low system quality kills short Time to market”
UNITY GROUP – Grzegorz Sobczyk & Adam Pietrzak


  • Have you ever met with following issues:
  • Existing methods of work are no longer working?
  • The new server does not accelerate your e-commerce?
  • Modification costs increase exponentially?
  • Each modification generates a lot of errors in other places than we do?
  • The team rotates more and more and does not want to work in the project?

As you have these problems it means that the technological debt of your application has become your problem!

How to manage the quality and technological debt in the development of e-commerce?

What to do when it concerns me? How to conduct the analysis and choose the right development scenario?

Greg & Adam have 10 years of experience in the development of highly scalable e-commerce systems. Currently, their team is developing the largest DIY e-commerce in Poland for French headquartered company Leroy Merlin.

18:45 – Break

19:00 – Technology and Management – “What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Scaling Up Ecommerce Projects”.
DINARYS, Timofey Yevgrashyn

Timofey will reveal ecommerce development pitfalls and problems in one-hour speech divided in three parts:


  • “lost in translation” – major communication issues when business meets technology 
  • how to make ecommerce developers to deliver business value, not technological gimmicks


  • some facts About Ecommerce development that’ll make your hair stand on end 
  • in-house development pros and cons: dirty secrets your developers are not telling you


  • where most of your competitors fail when scaling up their ecommerce solution 
  • decentralization: how to profit from outsourced consulting and development

Timofey has been in IT for 20 years, fourteen out of which he has been a project manager. He has a profound and successful experience in consulting and crisis situations management within software development teams as well as an extensive business processes optimization background.

20:15 Networking & Get Together