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The Enterprise Digital NETWORK Summit is an event and community initiative by Kongress Media on the digital transformation of work and the future of digital enterprise in Europe. The yearly events provide a unique learning experience with an in-depth exchange of experiences for subject-matter experts and practitioners.

Thought Leadership

The Enterprise Digital NETWORK discusses key trends and future challenges for the digital enterprise, its organization and business model innovation for the digital age.

Practical Expertise

The Enterprise Digital NETWORK provides first-hand insights and experiences from the practical world. The conference focusses on talks from corporate project leads sharing their lessons learned.

Community Gathering

The Enterprise Digital NETWORK gathers European experts on Digital Collaboration & Work, Digital Workplace & Transformation, and Enterprise 2.0 and Future of Work. Be part of it!

Vision & Philosophy

The Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is driven by the idea of providing a unique learning experience on the exchange of insights and practical knowledge around the establishment of new ways of working and collaboration as well as the transformation of business models for the digital age.

As a European conference, the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT gathers experts and practitioners from all over Europe as well as elsewhere in the world. It combines expertise and experiences for project leads on all kind of maturity stages. A mix of different nationalities, industries, and sizes of the participating companies takes into account the diversity of the project challenges across multiple countries and organizations.

Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is not just a single-point conference, but a discussion-rich series of events throughout the whole year. A multitude of online events like the #e20s Expert Talks as well as offline #e20s Meetups ventilate the discussions on the challenges and success factors for project initiative for the digital workplace and social enterprise already during the year. The conference blog at Enterprise20Blog.com documents and drives the discussion towards the peak at the yearly conference in February.