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06 AND 07 OCTOBER 2018

The Entrepreneur Summit is the special founder event in Germany. More than 100 experts from all areas of entrepreneurship meet 1500 like-minded people, founders, visionaries and lateral thinkers! Look forward to unforgettable keynotes, impulse groups, and interviews.

Entrepreneurship is a creative and daring human activity. It requires special cultural conditions, role models, and attitudes that support entrepreneurial initiatives and makes it more natural to take action. Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to work with unconventional ideas and perspectives, and thus to successfully participate in economic life and break up established structures. Such a “culture of the entrepreneurial” consciously includes persons such as artists, outsiders or committed fellow human beings, who so far did not see any opportunities for action in the world of economics, nor did they seem suitable as stimulators or actors. This understanding of entrepreneurship goes beyond previous traditions. The economic and cultural development of society also depends on entrepreneurial initiatives that do not constantly tickle out new needs but respond to existing problems with economic, social and artistic imagination: Entrepreneurship as an open, creative action inviting affair. The foundation was established in 2001 with a capital stock of DM 1 million. It is based in Berlin. The foundation works on its own initiative with the intention of favorably influencing the environment for entrepreneurs. Once a year, our team organizes the Entrepreneurship Summit with great volunteer commitment and a lot of passion. 

It takes place in Garystraße 35, 14195 Berlin. Learn from experts in all areas of entrepreneurs everything for a well-conceived start-up concept. Look forward to keynotes, as well as other renowned speakers, impulse groups, and workshops. Meet over 1500 like-minded people, founders, visionaries, lateral thinkers!