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Entrepreneurship Summit | October 6 – 7 | Berlin

The Entrepreneurship Summit is an annual conference for and with (social) entrepreneurs, founders, visionaries and mavericks from all around the world. Throughout the weekend, attendees can choose from a variety of keynote speeches, impulse groups and workshops to get inspired and motivated, as well as to network and exchange with like-minded people.

The Summit was initiated by the Entrepreneurship Foundation and will take play on 06. & 07. October 2018 in Berlin.

This year´s motto:

David vs. Goliath – How we take the economy into our own hands.

We are facing huge problems: climate change, the loss of biodiversity, the increasing differentiation of income and assets. This sad feeling is now turning into reality: It cannot go on like this.

The story of David against Goliath teaches us: Size doesn´t matter. The time of the brand giants is over. We need an economy in which the impulses come from entrepreneurs who bring in economic, social, but also artistic imagination. If we do nothing, the economy will remain in the hands of profit maximizers.

This is exactly where the annual Entrepreneurship Summit comes in. The goal is to get more people excited about entrepreneurship, to encourage them to take action themselves. Because we can approach the topic founding totally different nowadays. We have resources available like never before. You don´t need big capital. You don´t have to work 16 hours a day. What matters is a well-wrought concept, endurance and courage.

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