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Martech is changing the way consumers expect to engage, Fintech is changing the way consumers expect to transact, and the convergence of these two rapidly evolving industries is fundamentally reshaping the brand-consumer relationship as we know it. Eventful Forum 2017 is the only conference anywhere in the world dedicated to helping small businesses leverage emerging technologies on a scalable budget to drive marketing and capture sales. Featuring a hand selected group of the most leading edge pioneers in their fields, EF2017 will help you discover the most actionable strategies for your business to win in this new paradigm of virtualized consumerism.

We have no “attendees” at the Eventful Forum; we have Participants. Connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs for 2 days in New York City in a setting expressly configured to spark intellectual stimulation and foster meaningful relationships. Unmoderated fireside chats, integrated Q&As, ample networking breaks, gourmet catering, background jazz, and every other aspect of the Eventful Forum Experience is deliberately designed by Eventful Enterprises, a conference production company where we dedicate ourselves to rethinking the purpose of live gatherings in this digital age.