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Facebook Mastery Live (FBML) is a world-class, advanced level Facebook training opportunity from the teams behind AWC, STM, 6 Week AMC, and Adbaker.
FBML will teach high-level, white-hat Facebook performance marketing know-how & strategies that give attendees an immediate competitive edge. This day-long event is about specific strategies for advertisers, taught by FB marketers who are spending millions on Facebook Ads and building sustainable, high-growth businesses.

This is not a day for newbies. Everything taught here is meant to be directly applicable to advertisers who are already spending significant budgets on Facebook.

FBML brings together Facebook marketing masters from several different white-hat areas including agency, CPA, ecommerce, gaming, online education and more. This is not a day for newbies. Each speaker will bring their unique perspective, as well as cutting edge strategies, exploits, case studies and most importantly, results that will both inspire and educate you about the best ways to make millions from the greatest advertising tool ever created.