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Fireside chat with Andy Bromberg Co-Founder at CoinList | June 21 | Berlin

Welcome back to I’m in ❤ with the crypto! It’s time for another edition of the series hosted by Decusis.

It’s with great pleasure that we’re inviting Andy Bromberg, co-founder, President (and until recently the CEO) of CoinList for a fireside chat.

👇🏼 Spots are limited, please RSVP on the Eventbrite link 👇🏼

This is going to be a pretty deep dive into the space with Andy, a deeply thoughtful guy with an unparalleled view of the asset class and emerging trends within it.

We’ll be covering:

💎 New models for token distribution and economics

ICOs are not the only way to kick-start a network. CoinList have been doing a lot of thinking about airdrops, and recently launched an airdrop product (first client: DFINITY). Since tokens are just software, anything is possible when it comes to distribution and even token economics… if you can only imagine it.

🛡Moats and defensibility

He has some awesome ideas on this he hasn’t spoken publicly about yet. This should be a good one 👌.
When all your code is open source and can be forked, how can you build a moat around a protocol? Are we going to see hostile forks and how can projects prepare or defend against them?

🔧 Programatic compliance

Today, compliance and regulation are a major impediment to widespread adoption and institutional investment. But what is today crypto’s ‘weakness’ may be its greatest strength tomorrow. Again, since protocols are just software, you can bake the complaince process natively into the token itself. This is a game changer for the asset class.

🙋This event is free with limited guests. Don’t forget to RSVP! 🙋

CoinList is a platform to introduce investors to deeply vetted token sales. CoinList also provides compliance services for many other token offerings and facilitates compliant airdrops for projects. They’ve work with networks such as Filecoin, Blockstack, Basis, Orchid, Origin, Nucypher, and dozens more.

This event is organised by Decusis, a full-stack organisation empowering crypto entrepreneurs through knowledge, network and capital. Follow them on Twitter @_Decusis and subscribe to their newsletter at https://decusis.com.