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Football and leadership | June 18 | Berlin

What start-ups can still learn today from the “DFB Sommermärchen”.

Leading teams to sporting success and making companies successful are certainly different challenges. Nevertheless, there are analogies and similarities. Leadership and a shared vision seem to be success factors in both.

Accompanying this year’s World Cup, we want to make the theory and practice of high-performance teams and transformational leadership, both cornerstones of DFB success, transparent and transferable for your company. The success of the DFB men’s team since 2004 was based on a plan. Let’s decode it together.

With a systemic view of organization, leadership and change processes, we build the bridge from football success to corporate success.

Much of what happens on the football pitch and in the stadiums, as well as in young companies and the media world, offers opportunities for change and learning.

  • The game has become faster on the court and in a global world
  • Friction between generations is more virulent and younger people’s expectations of work and business have changed.
  • The demands of the public and the public on sport and business are also changing.

How can I as an entrepreneur move safely and successfully in this environment? What will leadership and teamwork look like?
How are meaningful decisions made and what does it take?

Questions and answers that we want to illuminate and answer this summer evening with the support of systemic perspectives and a review of the ” Sommermärchen “.

The seminar is for free. To participate please sign up via the event’s page or send us an e.mail to info@b-p-w.de.