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Forum HR | February 27 | Berlin

Forum HR: Soft Skills and Hard Skills – What skills does the job market of the future need?

With every new technological innovation, the labor market is changing faster and with it the demands on companies and employees. New skills, new forms of work and areas of responsibility will come to the fore, so that today’s most important skills can be tomorrow’s obsolete.

Skills are usually divided into two categories: Soft Skills and Hard Skills.

Hard skills include expertise and technical skills such as software development, tax consulting or patent expertise. Therefore, they are often easier to define and measure than soft skills.

Soft skills are more about the behavior or thinking of a person – their personal qualities and cognitive abilities. Although more difficult to measure, soft skills are just as crucial and can help a person succeed in a variety of roles and industries.

We discuss which Hard & Soft skills are important in the future and how they are successfully recruited, promoted and maintained.

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