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Anno 2018, more and more companies are switching to partly, or completely remote teams.

Collaborating with a team located in another part of the country or even on the other side of the globe might seem challenging. So how come so many companies are doing it today?

We can find the right answers in innovative communication technologies that help to develop the right workflows, processes, and tools which make it possible for dispersed teams cooperate smoothly.

Distance is not an obstacle to successful completion of IT projects – but only if you know the right tools, hire the right people, and develop the right process.

During this event we will have a look at the insights of cooperation with remote teams, based on hands-on experience of our speakers:


17:30 – Registration at WeWork Sony Center

18:15 – Welcome Speech – Host: WeWork Sony Center and Organiser: SIBB

18:30 – Keynote Speaker 1 – Thomas van den Broek | EVOJAM

As a start-up, we are in the middle of this trend where we are having teams embedded with remote vendors and have our own teams who are partly remote. In this presentation we will provide the pro’s and cons together with the pitfalls of remote work.

Communication – How do you make your vendor ready for working with remote teams and where does the challenge lie in managing and finishing a project successfully.
Tools – Not every tool is suitable for the job, where as we selected and test the most successful tools to work with a remote team or/and cooperate with a remote vendor.
Process & People – The standards and values in a project, how do you align your team with the values a remote vendor might have and how do we overcome this.
People – People make or break any cooperation, whether in team or in cooperation with vendors. How do build a cohesive distributive team in line with the vendors values where not treading your own in the process

19:15 Keynote Speaker 2 – Mathias Mayer | PAPERPLANES

Title – TBA (in preparation)

Mathias Mayer has been managing Travis CI for the past six years, a primarily distributed company with employees in Europe and North America, and would like to share some of his work experiences, challenges and solutions he gained while managing remote teams.

20:00 Networking with Pizza and Drinks