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Forum Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt 2018 | November 22 – 23 | Berlin

By now it is clear – amongst the public as well – that the energy transition does not exclusively mean developing as much renewable energy capacity as possible in a short period of time. The electricity markets must be converted and the grid expanded. In this respect, we will be able to see significant structural changes not only on the generation side of things, but also on the load side. Last but not least, high storage capacities need to be integrated into the power grids in the long term. With the right specifications and business models in place as well hopefully.

That is nevertheless only the macroscopic view. With regards to electricity grids, we need to clarify in detail numerous questions: How do we want to ensure and manage the provision and retrieval of reactive power? In the future, where will the current operating reserve come from, how are we going to organize the restoration of the power supply the day after a power failure? And is there really a problem with the short-circuit power? What flexibilities are available, on top of generation balancing, for grid stability and how can we induce these?

Ideas as well as concrete proposals are present as solutions for the emerging challenges and new concepts to maintain system security. What remains to be seen is, which one of these solutions are actually effective in terms of achieving a sufficient and, at the same time, cost-effective network security. To this end, the Forum is intended to collect, highlight and structure the questions and possible answers to ultimately obtain a better basis for discussion and decision-making.


Again in 2018, great things await us. Has Germany made progress on sector coupling? What is the stand on e-mobility and charging infrastructure? In the meantime, has a real electricity trading platform emerged over the blockchain? The Forum Neue Energiewelt offers a unique opportunity to network with all players in the energy sector.

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