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Our network brings together the best, brightest and most inspirational digital entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs and senior investors who engage in open debate, brainstorming, discussion and problem-solving at our invite-only forums across the world.

Why We’re Different

We empathize that with so many to choose from today, there is the risk of event-fatigue. But this is why Founders Forum is different – and stands out from the pack: Our devotion to connecting the highest calibre of guests; keeping it free to attend for founders and not for profit; curating the right mix of people in the room; orchestrating cultivated serendipity; the collaborative atmosphere of entrepreneurs helping each other; and, despite our international expansion, remaining an intimate forum where everyone has a chance to speak to one another.

Founders Forum is remarkable for the high level of talent it attracts… This network is where friends are made and deals hatched, where entrepreneurs are mentored and where investors are educated… Hoberman and Goodwin have achieved something profound

FF London is our flagship event and since 2011 we have expanded into 10 additional cities across the world.

Founders Forum is a private invitation-only event.

To join as a Founder

You must have started a digital/technology business that is valued in excess of $500M USD (at last fundraiser, sale, or current market cap). We can only accept one representative per company for each FF Event.

To present as a Rising Star/Disruptor

You must have the most exciting new technology business to showcase -a world-beating/changing company. You are the entrepreneurs that will make their peers think differently about their own businesses and the future.

To join as Founders Forum for Good

You must be an entrepreneur that is using digital/technology innovatively to address a fundamental social challenge or global issue at scale AND your enterprise should be creating a meaningful impact to a significant number of direct beneficiaries.

To join as an Investor

If you meet one of the criteria above and would like to nominate yourself to join us at event, please email: theteam@ff.co and include two entrepreneur references we can contact.