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Wondering whether you should go Freemium? ?

To define your pricing, you must first understand your customers intimately and know how they value your product. For Saas startups, there isn’t a magic formula. Rolling out a free offer can be risky or rewarding, and timing is essential. ☝?

In this talk, Nick Franklin, Founder & CEO of ChartMogul, shares his experience switching to a freemium model. ✨

Nick Franklin is Founder & CEO of ChartMogul, the Berlin-based analytics company helping hundreds of subscription businesses better understand and grow their recurring revenue.

Prior to ChartMogul, Nick spent 5 years at Zendesk, joining in 2009 (as the 9th member of the team) and leaving in 2014 after the company went public. Nick served as Zendesk’s head of EMEA region (2 years), followed by head of Asia (3 years) where he oversaw the expansion of both regions from a handful of customers to millions of dollars in recurring revenue.

This event is free & totally open. ?