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GDPR Do-It-Yourself for startups, entrepreneurs & freelancers, April 25, Berlin

On the 25th of May, the GDPR will come into effect, on the 25thof April we hold a hands-on DIY workshop to guide you and your tech startup towards GDPR compliance.

Much of the compliance within the GDPR is based upon the case that you build and are able to defend if anything happens. Making the first steps is hard so techGDPR is organising a workshop specifically for technology startups, where we help you look into your own compliance situation under our guidance, and find out how to document your data collection, data flow, legal base for processing, how to collect consent, when to delete data, and how to deal with subject access requests.

Workshop Content

During these 3,5 hours, the GDPR experts of techGDPR will guide you through setting up your documentation and guiding you to document your flows and processes to a ‘minimum viable’ level. Due to the condensed version and format of the workshop, it is realistic to expect that you will have to spend some more time after the workshop to actually get to a comfortable level of compliance, and even through full compliance may be a long and expensive process for most companies, we help you to understand your own pain points and difficulties, and give you some high-level ideas on what you can do to solve these. Unfortunately, we will have only limited time to answer questions specific to your situation or problem.

For Whom

This workshop is focused on young tech-centric startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. So if you are just starting with a technology product and are not able to invest in consultancy yet, we offer a low-cost, DIY option of making your first steps towards compliance guided by our consultants.

What to expect

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a certificate of attendance, that demonstrates another small step towards compliance (you have put time and effort into your data protection), and you will receive the techGDPR Data Protection Administration binder with examples, checklists, and tabs for the different parts required for your compliance.

Please bring

A laptop, so you can start producing documentation under our guidance right away.

Please note that this workshop and any information provided during the workshop should not be considered legal advice and does not substitute individual (legal) consultancy that may be required for specific cases.