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The Next Era: introducing startup-driven innovation in the public sector

Europe’s very first GovTech event for leading politicians, public CIOs, startups, corporations and VC’s. Meet the innovators behind a $400bn market and learn more about the latest trends in Citizen Collaboration, Blockchain and Security.

Who Is It For


Apply as a startup and have the chance to attend, pitch, and exhibit at GovTech.Pioneers for free.


Join fellow thought-leaders of the Public Sector and learn about startup-driven innovation.


Learn about GovTech technology trends and meet the innovators behind a $400bn market.


Discover 100 high-potential startups making the public sector more innovative.


Be part of the team behind GovTech.Pioneers! Become a volunteer for STARTEurope, co-host of Pioneers Events. We’re all dying to meet you!

Want to meet fascinating people from the startup and corporate world,  learn a ton of new things and get first-hand experience of how one of  the most exclusive and professional tech startup events is run?

Why Innovators Succeed

Innovation is a key element of corporate growth and requires the right combination of people, processes and technologies. Corporates may have the capital and resources, but often lack the agility, experimental culture and tech expertise of startups and outside experts that are essential for innovation success.

We believe long-term innovation is therefore achieved through a combination of internal and startup-driven innovation. We make this happen by empowering corporate teams with entrepreneurial techniques and by bringing in startups and other experts to inspire, co-create and disrupt businesses. In doing so, corporates can achieve a range of business outcomes that capture tremendous value.

Get A Taste Of What We Do

Based on the corporate’s challenges, we create a tailored innovation program that could comprise of any of the below products – with a view toward both internal and startup-driven innovation.