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How’s your user base growth these days? Never fast enough, right? ??

Then it’s time for you to attend our Growth Hacking Meetup #4 in Berlin and get tips & tricks from two experts.

Let’s grow! ? ?

“When to Think Big and when to Execute Small” with Kyrylo Novotarskyi, lead software engineer @TransferWise.

How can you make sure you’re ambitious enough for your market? Because if you’re not, you’re just making your life harder… At the same time, you should always begin by executing small: “Do things that don’t scale”, as Paul Graham recommends.
This talk is about why Growth Hacking works (or not) depending on your vision & your execution!

Started in 2010 by Skype’s founder, TransferWise has one of the best money-transfer products for both B2C & B2B. With more than €116M in equity funding, we can learn from them how to scale operations & conquer countries with the right mindset!

“The Dos and Don’ts of Apple Store Optimization” with Dora Nikolova, Growth Marketing Manager @Here.

Everyone’s launching their own app nowadays…But just launching on the App Store is not nearly enough, right? ?

1/ You need to pass through verification by the Apple Store regarding the quality of your app
2/ How can you make sure yours will reach the sky? ? There are dos and don’ts that you should master if you want people to download your great product!

HERE enables people, enterprises, and cities to harness the power of location, with more than 10k employees all over the world. The “Here Maps” app has been downloaded tens of millions of times…and Dora knows how they optimize it!