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We’re excited to announce the last speaker of our Open Lecture series this year: this time we’ll receive the visit of Darja Gutnick!

Darja Gutnick is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bunch.ai, the team success platform. Bunch is a team success platform that helps companies measure, track, and manage their #1 competitive advantage: their culture. The platform is based on Stanford methodology and allows companies get a view on their culture DNA in minutes of time.

As almost all of our Open Lecture speakers, Darja is as well a serial entrepreneur: she consulted corporates and medium-sized businesses in innovation and organizational development with DGC, a company she founded in 2014. Before this, Darja worked as a business consultant (OC&C Strategy Consultants), focused on innovation research as a PhD candidate. She also co-founded citibuddies/Triptourage, an investor-funded travel startup in South America.

Darja is Russian-born, German-raised and, as a millennial nomad, has lived in Russia, Germany, U.S., China, The Netherlands and Argentina throughout the past 8 years. She holds a degree in Organizational Psychology and is a certified moderator and team coach.

So come join us for our last Open Lecture in 2017 – we promise again a high-quality presentation, an honest and down-to-earth entrepreneur and top networking among Berlin startup minds. You won’t regret spending the evening with us!