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The HackElect, Hack the Electricity hackathon will be held from 7 – 8 October 2017 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

The event is free of charge and we would like to invite anybody who is interested in solving practical challenges within the electricity segment, whether they are hacksperts, students of electrical engineering, computer sciences, philosophy, biology,….or have a steady job already.

Which are the topics covered?

– Thermography and IR processing
– Lightening Scalar web and mobile application
– Scalar backend system implementation
– IoT aware intelligent IP network’s behavior prediction
– Smart metering electricity data analytics

What are the benefits of being a part of the HackElect?

– 10.000 € fund for first three teams;
– Job opportunities;
– Develop advanced solutions;
– Create new products;
– Master your skills;
– Strengthen the community.

Register today and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions!

Have a hack-a-good day! 🙂

HackElect team