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How to be successful by doing everything wrong | April 17 | Berlin

An Open Lecture by Julian Finn, Product, Project and People at Mautinoa Technologies.

Twice a month GTEC brings you Open Lectures. Remarkable individuals sharing their entrepreneurship insights.

At GTEC we believe that an understanding of entrepreneurship needs to become mainstream. That’s why Open Lectures will not be about business models and marketing hacks but about people. We’re inviting individuals who have shaped entrepreneurship, were shaped by it and have a story to tell.

For the next Open Lecture we host the experienced speaker Julian Finn.

  • Lean and Agile. Move fast and break things. Release early, release often. The startup world is full of mantras that make a lot of sense. But what if the conditions of the project don’t allow for all of this?

This talk tells the story of a startup that set out to build a digital payment system for developing countries and had to learn that all these beautiful best practices, acquired through many years of professional experience, just wouldn’t work out. And how, in the end, improvisation lead to success anyway.

For 15 years, Julian has programmed games, lead teams and consulted companies. Two and a half years ago he co-founded Mautinoa Technologies and has since lead a highly neuro-diverse team of developers with the mission to revolutionize the banking world in developing countries.

Come by and be inspired!

!! Important: We have MOVED. Our events take place at Bpart.Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 6b !!

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