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How to make the most of startup events! Get sponsored to exhibit at Web Summit 2018 | July 18 | Munich

After having sponsored 150+ startups to exhibit at over 30 global startup and tech events, the folks from the Startup League have a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to making the most of conferences for your startup’s success.


Lucky for us, the community leaders of the Startup League are road tripping across major European startup hubs; bringing in their expertise to talk about how young startups can make the most of these events to grow their venture!

They are also on the lookout for 100 amazing startups who will be sponsored to exhibit at Europe’s largest tech conference- Web Summit 2018.Select startups will also get a 100% sponsorship on their startup booth.


Powered by Radix, the leading domain registry operating extensions like .TECH, .ONLINE, .STORE, .SPACE, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .PRESS, .HOST, and .FUN, the Startup League is a curated community that rewards the most promising, early-stage startups on their extensions, by providing a wide range of marketing support and benefits.

Last year, the Startup League team exhibited at 6 global startup and tech events. They also sponsored 50+ startups to exhibit at Web Summit 2017.

Meet them at Mindspace, Rosental 7, Munich to know more about how they can help you scale your startup’s marketing efforts!


About our hosts:

Mindspace is the rapidly-growing global provider of stylish and inspiring coworking space for teams of all sizes. The company operates spaces in major world cities across Germany, U.S., U.K., Netherlands, Poland, and Israel. Mindspace designs breathtaking workspace via private offices, creative lounges, fully-equipped meeting rooms, and open plan kitchens. The diverse community of member companies delights in weekly networking events, professional meetups, and happy hours in a collaborative atmosphere.  



Presentation by the Startup League team:

Europe, in many ways, has shaped innovation and technology globally. It has also lead the way in unifying the entire technology and business ecosystem through the various events and conferences organized every year. Thought trade shows were just about useless networking and throwing all your marketing dollars down an abyss? Well, you thought wrong!

Open Discussion

Know more about the Startup League program, and how you could be one of the 100 startups they select to exhibit at Web Summit 2018.

We’ve got it all! Join us for a fun evening of catching up, exchanging ideas and just some good ol’ conversation.

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